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Managed Servers

Alentus UK is a leader in managed server solutions. We specialise in high end managed servers for businesses of all sizes and demands. Our a la carte line-up of managed servers includes solutions for entry level managed servers for websites and email, more robust managed servers for custom applications, databases or Exchange/Sharepoint hosting, as well as high speed, low latency managed servers for media and content distribution or financial applications. If any of our a la carte managed server options do not suit your needs, call or email us for a custom quote delivered in 24 hours or less.

Small Business Level Managed Server

Small Business managed servers by Alentus UK are the perfect server for small businesses or IT departments growing into outsourcing. Based on the Dell R200 platform, the Small Business managed server is a versatile unit featuring enough processing power to get your operation off the ground while still staying within your budget. Backed by an aggressive three year warranty and 24/7 support from the Alentus UK engineering staff, you stay focused on major projects while intrusting your datacentre operations to Alentus UK.


Premium Level Managed Server

The Entry Level managed server by Alentus UK is an ideal server to get started with for web applications, general site hosting, and other non load intensive online deployments.  Our Entry Level servers are based on the new Dell R410 platform and offer full management by Alentus UK engineers 24/7.  Each server is customisable for the exact deployment that meets your needs and has several options for various software management including popular applications like Joomla and Word Press.


Application/DB Level Managed Server

These managed servers are based on the Dell R710 flagship series which offer the latest processor technology to provide ultra-fast computing deployments for the most demanding jobs. Equipped with the new L5500 series and upgrades to the X5500 series Xeon processor, DDR3 memory, SAS hard drives, and more, these managed servers mean business. As the name suggests, these servers are designed to handle high performance web applications, Web2.0 deployments, websites with heavy database operations, clusters, or any other deployment which requires some of the fastest and most powerful processing available. With all of our managed server options, these servers include an enhanced set of managed options for both MySQL and Microsoft SQL in addition to all standard web applications.


Looking for more options?

Alentus UK managed server options can meets the needs of small business owners up to global enterprise. For a custom quote, please email sales@alentus.co.uk or phone us on 0208 315 5800 today!

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